Sewing Sample – 60s Floral Outfit 

I’m so excited! I’ve just about completed my first 60s style floral bra and shorts set, along with matching scrunchy. I chose a dusty pale pink as a contrast lining on the set, (also as tribute to one of our current colour fads,) which will tie into one of my next sets 😄

Can’t wait to make more out of this fabric, its super cute, but I put together a little colour story with some other fabrics I already have as an idea for my first release of pieces this summer.

I would really love to hear your feedback!
Hoping to make another style of shorts and top, along with a skirt and basic dress in varied fabrics.

Lots of sewing to do! I have nearly finished my trial for the next style of shorts after yesterday’s RDO sewing day! 

Keeping productive!!
Cake! Xo

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OOTD: Quick Op Shop Drop

Today I had the day off so zipped into the op shop nearby. So happy with my purchase(s)

My fav piece of the day was this cute little black and white check, backless dress…

 So I styled it up with some of my other recent op shop finds (tan belt and tan Tony Bianca clogs) as soon as I got home and dropped it like its hot… when it is indeed still winter. (A girl can dream)

Also bought a black fringed top that needs some fixing, a cushion and a scalf. Successfull opshop mish.

Sleep well / Good day,

Cake xo

OOTD – Sleepy Eyed Sunday

Had planned to have a relaxed day at home today, plotting along editing photos, watching movies and planning travel sights and adventures after the crappy week I’ve had…

Well, i have no internet again. Although I had solved that drama last night by borrowing my brothers telstra laptop (unlimitied) hotspot.

I got home this morning to find my laptop thrown on the ground (along with both my phones,) as the result of yet another of my fur baby Miley’s late night tantrums.

Luckily the laptop is fine however my charger snapped right off so now no battery power!!! So, clothes and eyebrows on, off I go to the weekend crowds to buy 1 thing that i cant even afford. Wahhhh

Got super cosy in my cord dungaree/overalls from American Rag 
I bought the other week when my skirt tore on the way to work cause I got a phatt ass. Everytime i had walked past their window over the prior week i had been eyeing them off along with a few other pieces.

Small chain: Dalmata 
I bought a bunch of necklaces cause they are so affordable and turned out to be super good quality. This ones my daily go to but they have some rad stuff. Cant wait to buy more

Big chain: Tunnel Vision

Socks: Huff x Cheech and Chong x 420

Shoes: Adidas Originals Court Vantage

So I went out and they didnt even have my charger in stock anyway so i ordered one off eBay and went home for movies on the couch after rummaging the house for dvds and a player. Life.

Sewing Sunday

So I’ve started a little project

Its been in my thoughts for some time now but it takes forever to decide on anything. But today I finished off my first trial for a style of shorts I’d like to make as part of a set out of this amazing 60s style fabric.

 I want to make a small capsule collection as I managed to get a small amount in the blue background and an even smaller amount with a black background that will lead into my next styles and colours.

Hoping to get an etsy store up and going and start doing some markets by summer. So my next weekends are booked for sewing and saving. 

Exciting things to come!

Inspiration; Work Attire

Melbourne winters can be pretty dull and cold. This year however, with traveling from my family home up in the mountains, I start with a beautiful frosty morning then drive down to the city where it’s still cold but sometimes sunny, which is nice but often unexpected and so unplanned for.

Entering the call centre is like stepping off the plane on the cold coast, still dressed in all your scarfs, coats and jackets. I instantly start unwrapping everything off my body and throw them to my drawers so I can take off my next layers. My outfit can never be simple, I need to have the option to strip down to the next level of clothing and still feel complete in what I’m wearing.

I’m loving this mix of colours for myself this year, they are easy to wear with most things I own, perfect particularly for layering with prints and patterns. I would have to add my trusty faux leopard print jacket to complete this capsule and probably keep my eyes open for some more longer, mid calf to ankle length skirts. They my jam.


(These photos do not belong to me)
See the full work attire inspiration:


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Awaken to Change

Change is always around us and an important thing to embrace and acknowledge in order to live a happy life. Without change we would be unable to embark on new adventures and see different parts of the world.

To say the least, the last two years of my life have been underwhelming. Although I have done some things, they have not helped me grow in my desired direction. They have only hindered me from doing what I really want to be doing.

This year, being my 24th year around the sun, is meant to be my year of change; and I wont let it not be! I’m making it my mission to try new things, open my eyes and mind and overcome some fears, to really show myself what I am capable of.
I push myself everyday (even if it’s just to get out of bed for work!) and remind myself, every step counts.



What are your dreams/goals and how are you making them happen?