Introduction to Ethical Fashion

Excuse my short absence there. Unexpectedly got my last two wisdom teeth out last week. Nothing serious was happening but after cancelling my private health insurance the other week I only had until Saturday until my insurance was finished. My teeth starting hurting a bit on the Tuesday so I left work early and went to my amazing dentist who took them out shortly after!

Healing went pretty well! Stayed home and watched some great documentaries as suggested on Katie Kuo’s post on Ethical Fashion and the Rise of Consumer Culture. One of them regarding the fast fashion industry and its wordly affects (The Real Cost) and the other about a pair of minimilists who found happiness in having less possesions and living a minimalist lifestyle (The Minimalists: A Documentary About The Important Things.) You can find them both on Netflix if you’re interested in watching!

Both left me with a sense of self awareness after a whirlwind of emotions during each film. Although I have always had an interest in recycled fashion, my need for staple pieces found in fast fashion haven’t been considered, so this is something I want to improve on!

After letting my sister know about The Real Cost (she had already watched and told me about the minimalists,) she referred me to an app called Good On You, it categorieses large companies efforts to help prevent negative enviromental and economical impacts and gives a summary on the the company as a whole. Its a great way to check up on brands that you plan to buy from or even discover new brands!

I’ve become a little obsessed and have been telling nearly everyone I’ve seen since about the documentaries and the app. I have been happy to hear the reaction from many people I know that are super keen to watch the documentaries and download the app! I really hope this is a growing outlook for years to come.

With this I would also like to take the initiative in my own creations and what their impacts are. Although I already have a collection of fabrics from many places including large fabric retailers like Spotlight and Lincraft, it will not be productive in not using those fabrics and instead would like to only buy recycled and eco friendly fabrics moving forward.

At the moment you will find recycled fashion on my Etsy. You can also follow on instagram @cakeandlovedclothing


Year Of The Accessories – Headscalf Game

I feel like, for me atleast, 2018 is the year of accessorising! If you’ve seen some of my OOTD posts you would know my #1 is the full head wrapped head scarf.

No matter the hair day – this look works. The amount of compliments I get even when wearing a super basic outfit (above for example, just a pair of black jeans and a white button up shirt.)

Love the look with my 60s style sunnies/ any over the top sunnies they have out at the moment!

Not to mention the perfect cover up for dirty or clean (still wet) hair days when you just gotta get out and do something but your hair wont co-operate

I have expanded my headscalf collection quite a bit this year, forever keeping an eye out for them at op shops and vintage stores!

Loving the longer skinnier scalfs for wrapping my ponytails in. Particularly this vibrant coloured pure silk scalf I picked up the other weekend.

It really brings any outfit together. Cant go past those colours!!

On the same op shop mission I found this Valentino headscalf which is well in my rotation. Also perfect for the half-up-half-down wrap, or just around a loose ponytail.

Ideally I would love to get a fringe like Bridgett Bardot. This would really bring my headscalf game together!! Plus about 5 more pairs of sunnies.

You will find some scalfs on my Etsy store soon

What’s your favourite accessory at the moment??

Cake xx

My Version Of A Comfy Outfit – OOTD

My main thought this morning whilst digging through my pile of clean clothes, was to be super comfy! An hours drive out to my parents to search for my passport and do some washing can never be a casual affair – not for me. But comfort is always essential!

None the less, I got my “cute on” with this get up and was/am still super comfy!


My forever show stopping yet practical headscarf game came out to play again since I desperately needed to wash my hair this morning. Soooo, here it is – all wet and braided and tucked under a headscarf. I am forever getting compliments from this style and usually can pick up scarfs from op shops from about $5-$15. Small price to pay for the convenience of not doing your hair – amirite?


I am wearing a floral play suit by Wrangler which I adore! So comfy yet cute. I often wear it backwards since I prefer a higher neck and a lower back. Plus the buttons down the back can be a good feature when worn alone.


The shoes are Adidas as per usual (my comfy lil sneakers.) I desperately need new sneakers though! All of mine are falling apart and need to go in the bin.
The top I’m wearing is actually and old Target top I bought from an Op Shop and cropped. I have been wearing it for soooo long! Like I’m talking 5+ years! Love a good re purposed piece!

Currently sitting in my parents backyard (as pictured) listening to some tunes, drinking a coffee and waiting for my clothes to dry! Perfect day off if you ask me.

Hope you all had a great Easter! I had planned to do an outfit post over the long weekend but got caught up between busy nights with friends and the comfort of my couch.

Have a great day!

Cake xo

Moving To London – What To Do When I Arrive

Im in the process of filling out my application for a British Passport! Planning on moving over there in time for my birthday in mid July. I’m super excited and a little overwhelmed to say the least but I know its going to be an amazing adventure!

Over the next few months youll see a series of posts about my move and travel planning then no doubt another once I’m there – I’ll try not leave out any of the painful details no matter how embarrassing.

I’ve decided I will spend the first few weeks exploring London and perhaps some nearby cities in Europe. I’ll mostly couch surf and spend time deciding where to work and live whilst exploring before I get my fur baby Miley sent over (obviously once Im settled in!)

I’ll have limited money and want to make the most of my time unemployed by spending some time in some nearby European cities too, so have searched through Pinterest for some affordable yet exciting things to do when I first arrive in London along with the classic tourist attractions.. I’ve actually not been to the UK or Europe before so this is a whole new experience for me!

17 Breathtaking Walks In London

I love walking! Its the best way to see things so I figure some walking tours of London will help me find my grounding. This article by Buzz Feed has some great walks with route directions attached (Or you can buy the full directions and map for some at a small cost.)

21 Markets Every Londoner Must Visit

Along with walking, or rather whilst walking I would love to check out some markets! There seems to be quite a few regular markets around London many in the same locations on different days. This list again by Buzz Feed, even points out the types of things you may find at each market and to my excitement, which ones have vintage/secondhand goods!!

10 of Londons Oldest, Greatest Pubs

Londons Best Rooftop Bars

I’m so excited for all the history in London but the Aussie in me gets particularly excited by a good old fashioned pub! I’m sure London is full of them but narrowing it down to 10 along with the best roof top bars of London will help me save money… (and not get a terrible drinking problem.) I’ll probably make use of these lists in finding somewhere to have my 25th birthday when I arrive!

First Time In London – What To Do, See, Eat

This article covers all the bases. It has all your classic touristy sights along with some alternative options. Another great excuse to get my walking shoes on.

Speaking of walking shoes, I need to start thinking about what I will want to take, toss and buy for my move. Most likely leading into one of my next posts on this topic of moving to london.

I have a whole pinterest board for some fun activities, things to see and tips for when I arrive. You can check it out here.

If you have any suggestions leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Cake xx

Month Goals Planner – April Motivation

Part of my New Years resolution this year is purely to keep myself motivated. I’ve been finding this easiest by laying out a few things I want to get done through out the month and getting into habits before that month begins.

This morning I wrote out my Monthly plan/goals and got a head start on some habits like my yoga.

Here are some of my plans/goals for the month:

Get passport FINISHED!

I’m planning on moving to the UK in July so need to organise my passport. I had started the process but didn’t have my current passport with me at the time only to realise when I got home it is in a box in my parents shed! I’ll go down there on Wednesday (my mid week break,) and make a start on my application while I’m there so I can get some washing done too. Once my passport arrives I can book my flights, so hopefully that will be on my list of things to do next month!

Bring on duel citizenship!

Be at work EVERYDAY!

Early this month I fell into a bad stint of depression so took about 5 days off work. In my postition I am eligible for commission based on a few targets but those targets still apply if we have sick days which put me very behind for the month. This month I plan to be at work everyday to keep myself motivated and hopefully get some more commision for my upcoming move!

Do yoga AT LEAST 4 x per week!

About a year ago I started attempting to do yoga for 10 minutes everyday. I did really well and soon bumped up my time to 20 minutes 6 days a week. Since moving I have less space and have had a hard time being motivated to do my yoga. I have assigned myself 15minutes of yoga at least 4 x per week – making it easy to schedule in before work each day. I have made a start on this today to get myself into the rhythm. I just use YouTube for my yoga practice. Yoga By Candace is my favourite, I find her flows interesting and easy to work with your current skill levels. Plus there’s a variety to choose from based on what you’re looking for.

Bring food to work EVERYDAY!

Usually I’m pretty good at this but lately I’ve been getting into the habit of picking up a ham and cheese croissant and a coffee at 7eleven before work and usually a packet of chips and some chocolate to get me through the day. I need to get rid of this habit before I spend too much money on useless food each week. This morning I started by packing myself a a ham and cheese sandwich to toast at work!

Add earrings to CAKEANDLOVED!

Some of you may already know that I started my Etsy store Cake and Loved Clothing at the start of March – it hasn’t made any sales yet but I will persist. For April I would like to start adding the hand painted tassled earrings I have been making to the store. I think they will bring a good pop of colour to the store and adding some accessories brings another market of people on Etsy through my store too!

Write blog posts EVERY WEEK!

I have actually started this already and have seen a good difference in my stats over the weeks. More people coming to my page, liking and leaving comments. I have always heard its good to post frequently on many social media platforms to get a following but didn’t realise it would work so quickly! On top of this I am finding I have more to say, my writing is improving and its a good way of getting those repetitive thoughts out of my head. I feel productive keeping this blog running even if I don’t get any “attention” from it.

I legitimately have a note in my phone with each of these sub headings to make sure they stay fresh in my mind. I’m a sucker for lists so am forever checking out my notepad when I’m bored or lost of inspiration so having this note will hoepfully empower me to get things done and stay motivated!

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Cake xox

The Perfect Autumn Trousers – OOTD Savers Finds

On Sunday I made a trip out to Savers in Heatherton, only a 20 minute drive from my place but a Savers I haven’t checked out before.

The store was full of all kinds of great preloved items. I told myself I wouldn’t get a basket or I’d spend too much money. Ended up spending around $60 but got a good arm full of pieces.

One item I love are these navy business trousers. They are perfectly high waisted and drape nicely with a wide leg, looking similar to cullottes. They are comfy as and perfect for work and casually! Obviously I wore them to wore straight away, hence the sneaky elevator photos.. (NO SHAME!!!) haha

I teamed them up with a brown Disney belt and a scalf I bought on the day too, a simple grey cropped tshirt from General Pants and my Adidas sneakers (go figure.)

I bought a few other head scalfs whilst there, another pair of pants, some skirts and a suede bag! I had hoped to find some secondhand sheets in funky prints but they were all quite modern and well… lame.

Need to stop buying things for myself but also need to do a major haul of clothing bags and shoes from my wardrobe!

How do you stop your wardrobe from getting over crowded?

Cake xx

Hand Painted Earrings with Tassels

I’ve taken up a new hobby! Jewellery making! Mostly earrings at the moment but I’ve been having so much fun with it. Its both rewarding and therapeutic! I already had bits and pieces of jewellery making supplies that Ive collected over the years so I’ve worked with what I had and only needed to buy a few extra things.

Who doesnt love handmade earrings with tassels!?

(Almost finished!)

Emy picked me up some tubs of earring hooks and joiners from savers last weekend (which meant I was able to finish off a bunch of almost finished pairs) so she came over and stayed for a “girls night in” on Saturday. We ate potato gems, pizza and garlic bread and drank red wine whilst making earrings and watching Howls Moving Castle.

It was a lot of fun so I thought I’d share a post about how I’ve been making them.

I got these wooden beads off eBay (The Little Craft House) several years ago and forget what I was going to do with them but knew I wanted to paint them! This part is extremely therapeutic (until it comes to drawing details on these slippery little suckers.) So I kept it pretty simple with some dot work floral in bold colours.

I basically just played around with what I had and was pretty happy with the many little pieces I made. I used normal acrylic paint so painting the base layer and waiting for it to dry didnt take too long. The hardest part was finding something to rest them on while they are drying.

You can buy tassels online but I decided to make some myself using some embroidery thread I had laying around. I basically just twisted the thread around my fingers 15-20 times then used a small piece to tie them together. Then its just a matter of cutting the bottom so its flat (do this at a long length first incase you cut it too short and its not straight!) I found this easiest to do with a pair of sewing snips but sewing scissors would probably work well too.

I then used 18ga wire to form a hook for the tassel (pressed it together when it was in the right spot) and put the now painted woodend ball on top of it, causing the tassel to sit nicely just inside the hole in the ball.

I used the same technique at the top of the ball except kept it nice and round for another hoop to go on before adding the earring hook.

I made about 12 pairs over a weekend! They became easier and easier to do. I found the less precise I was with the paint the better they turned out. So I focused mainly on what colours to use.

Once I finish a few more I might put them up on my Etsy store so keep an eye out!

Cake xx