Inspiration; Work Attire

Melbourne winters can be pretty dull and cold. This year however, with traveling from my family home up in the mountains, I start with a beautiful frosty morning then drive down to the city where it’s still cold but sometimes sunny, which is nice but often unexpected and so unplanned for.

Entering the call centre is like stepping off the plane on the cold coast, still dressed in all your scarfs, coats and jackets. I instantly start unwrapping everything off my body and throw them to my drawers so I can take off my next layers. My outfit can never be simple, I need to have the option to strip down to the next level of clothing and still feel complete in what I’m wearing.

I’m loving this mix of colours for myself this year, they are easy to wear with most things I own, perfect particularly for layering with prints and patterns. I would have to add my trusty faux leopard print jacket to complete this capsule and probably keep my eyes open for some more longer, mid calf to ankle length skirts. They my jam.


(These photos do not belong to me)
See the full work attire inspiration:


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Author: tamryncake

Full time call centre girl from Melbourne Inspire - Design - Fashion - Lifestyle - Travel Shop: @cakeandlovedclothing @tamryncake

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