Awaken to Change

Change is always around us and an important thing to embrace and acknowledge in order to live a happy life. Without change we would be unable to embark on new adventures and see different parts of the world.

To say the least, the last two years of my life have been underwhelming. Although I have done some things, they have not helped me grow in my desired direction. They have only hindered me from doing what I really want to be doing.

This year, being my 24th year around the sun, is meant to be my year of change; and I wont let it not be! I’m making it my mission to try new things, open my eyes and mind and overcome some fears, to really show myself what I am capable of.
I push myself everyday (even if it’s just to get out of bed for work!) and remind myself, every step counts.



What are your dreams/goals and how are you making them happen?


Author: tamryncake

Full time call centre girl from Melbourne Inspire - Design - Fashion - Lifestyle - Travel Shop: @cakeandlovedclothing @tamryncake

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